Gordon Instruments certifies all repairs traceable to N.B.S and N.I.S.T. standards. The certifications reflect both up and down scale.

Pressure Certifications

  • VAC: 0-30" of Hg
  • HPO: 0-100" of H2O
  • PSI: 0-10,000" of Hg
  • PSI: 0-30,000 psi
  • TORR: 0-40, 0-100, and 0-760 torr

Temperature Certifications

Celsius Fahrenheit
-36 to 0 °C -35 to 32 °F
1 to 100 °C 32 to 212 °F
100 to 176 °C 213 to 350 °F
177 to 260 °C 315 to 500 °F
260 to 404 °C 501 to 761 °F
High Temperature
150 to 1371 °C 302 to 2500 °F

All certifications reflect both up and down scale.

We do electronic Certifications including..

  • Amps
  • mili-Amps
  • Ohms
  • Volts
  • mili-Volts

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